How it works?

About us

RebateForex is a team of traders just like you.Having worked on Forex for about 3 years, we realized that spread englobes decent sums of money.We knew long ago about such things as rebate, cashback, and spread return.And when we first registered with such a site, by the end of the month one of us got $600.It was amazing, after all, a decent amount for an average trader who earns on transactions a few thousand dollars per month.Since then we've never traded without getting back a part of the spread.

Half a year ago an idea emerged to run this service so that everyone could experience the joy of getting more money, as we had.

Our goal is to create a good service.This includes:

  1. A convenient website.
  2. Friendly attitude towards customers and willingness to solve any problem.
  3. Timely and error-free payment of rebates or cashback.

As a result we strive to get good reviews, regular and satisfied customers.The larger is our team, the more advantageous conditions we will offer.If you join us, we will be very happy.

Sincerely yours, RebateForex.

How it works?
  • 1 Register on our website.
  • 2 Choose a broker and open an account.
  • 3 Add the account number in your back office.
  • 4 Wait until the account is verified and confirmed.
  • 5 Start trading and get rebates each month.