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  • 2012-08-21

    How to delete cookies or temporary files.

    What is a cookie? Cookies are the files which store information about sites you have visited.They contain all details about Internet pages, just like the human memory.When you come back to a site, the browser will reproduce the details as if taking them off the shelf.   Why do we need to clear cookies? As we have learned, cookies store all details of a website visit, including the history of previous sites.And here comes a problem.If you have visited the site of a specific broker or product before coming to our website, the browser remembers it and will treat it like a revisit.In this way, the broker or product manufacturer will not figure out that you came from us and we'll not be able to pay you cash back or rebates. That is why, before registration you should delete cookies, go…
  • 2012-08-24

    Profitable Forex expert advisors - is it possible?

    The popularity of Forex market in the 21st century is undoubted. This field of activity is attracting more and more specialists who can advance substantially in matters of investment.  Books and courses, video tutorials and seminars are now available to everyone. No big efforts are necessary to start learning how to trade Forex. The thing is not everyone can will themselves into mastering at least the basic things required for a proper work. After all, trading Forex like any other area of human activity, requires professionalism, because Forex is no place for amateurs. Expert Advisors emerged as an attempt to replace people in the workplace. Theoretically, it should have been a perfect way to automatically make money.But practically it's not that simple. A…