How it works?

How it works?

  • 1 Register on our website.
  • 2 Choose a broker and open an account.
  • 3 Add the account number in your back office.
  • 4 Wait until the account is verified and confirmed.
  • 5 Start trading and get rebates each month.

Sign-up procedure

To get started you need to register with us. This is to ensure that we can contact you in a timely manner, know which broker you are trading with, what product you buy and what payment method we should use to pay you. 

After registration you will receive a welcome email containing your password to login to our site and other important information.

Now you can start choosing brokers or products.


To choose a broker use our calculator. Your rebate will depend on the volume of your trades. Select a broker, the number of lots per month and the currency pair to estimate the sum of your rebate. While choosing among brokers, you can figure out which of them will provide you with the most profitable trading. To open an account with a broker, clear your browser's cookies. Proceed to registration by clicking on our link. Then return to our site.

Go to your profile page on our site and select your broker in the menu "My Accounts - Add Account”, then enter the account number and click on "Add". Now your account gets the status "Processing".

Once you have added the number of your brokerage account, we need to verify it. If everything is fine, your account status will be changed to "Confirmed". 

From that moment, for every transaction you will be credited rebates. However, you will be showed the total amount of the credited rebate only once a month on your profile page. There is a separate update statistics date for each broker (You can check the dates of rebate distribution here). And now you can withdraw your funds. Read the detailed instruction on withdrawal methods here.


To select a product, go to our list. You will find there the discount rate and the exact amount of money paid back. If there are several versions of a product, you will see how the data changes depending on the selected version. After selecting an automated trading system, a signal service or other product, click on “Buy". You will be redirected to the payment details page. Once you complete the payment process, please return to our website and go to the “Add a product” menu on your profile page. Add an item and click on "Save". Now your product gets the status "Processing". After the verifying procedure is complete, the status will change to "Approved". The amount of credited funds will be displayed to you. 

When can you withdraw your funds?

The cashback you receive for the purchase of goods can be withdrawn in 30 or 60 days. Why? This is the period during which every buyer has the right to return the purchased product back. If you dislike something about the purchased product or simply change your mind, then that is your right. That's why only at the end of this period, you get cash back by clicking on "Withdraw funds". For your convenience we placed a countdown next to the amount of your cashback value.

Place a payment order and we'll make the payment. Read more about terms and conditions here.