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Forex Thor II

Forex Thor II is an Expert Advisor that with correct settings can bring you good profit.

Forex Thor was invented by Alexander Collins, a 12 year experience trader, known for his contribution to the Forex forums and dedicated websites for traders. He answers to the questions of beginners, writes articles, owns several websites (,, etc.). But did it all help Alexander write a really profitable Forex expert advisor?  Let’s see in brief how ForexThor trades, whether it’s worth buying it and if it brings profit.

Forex Thor Review

It trades the Eur/Usd currency pair with a 30 minute timeframe. The manufacturer's test has started from April 2012 on a live account and shows a monthly increase of 11% with less than 13% drawdown. The trade is conducted daily and about 3-8 deals are usually opened, lasting less than a minute, so we can say the robot is a scalper. Stop losses are very small, under 10 points. That’s why you should choose a broker with no SL level restrictions. In addition, we will need minimal spreads under 1.5 points and instant execution. So it’s highly recommended to use a VPS server in order not to miss the opening and closing of transactions and to maintain a continuous work of the expert advisor.

The good news is that the manufacturer is always in touch with the clients. Besides that customers can receive to their email addresses the best software settings, which vary depending on the market activity, important news and appearances.

A free trial period lasting a week is available, as well as money back guarantee within 60 days of purchase.

Now you can buy the Forex Thor expert adviser with a 25% discount or $62.

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