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Forex Warrior

The latest 2.0.6 version of the expert adviser was released on 10.09.2012. After payment you will receive on your email details on how to install and use the Forex Warrior. License for one trading account is included in the price. Additional license can be obtained with a 40% discount.

The website of Forex Warrior developers deserve respect due to its distinction from the typical site-sellers of expert advisors. There you can find a lot of useful information on the work, configuration, operating principles of the robot, and also a nice design.

Forex Warrior Review

Forex Warrior is a grid based expert adviser working with the martingale strategy. Trade is conducted continuously; a grid of pending orders is set which open transactions both for purchase and for sale. The system analyzes the market behavior, the main trends, and based on this data it determines the size of the lot and the level of profit. Loss limit for each opened position is determined individually. Developers affirm that it has a strong protection against large losses.

Entering the market, Forex Warrior opens a series of trend positions, the so-called basket of orders. While the price goes in the opposite direction from the opened positions, orders with increased size of lot are added to the basket. At that, the take profit is re-adjusted after each new order is opened and that applies to the whole basket. Once the basket is closed on the take-profit, a new one is immediately opened. This is a short principle of work.

Without going into details, we should say that guided by a good manual from the manufacturer you can make the finest adjustments for your expert advisor. You will be able to earn 5-10% monthly, unless you're very risky and if you check everything in demo mode before launching it on a live account. Remember the most important thing when working with such advisers is money management.

Basic adjustments and money management for Forex Warrior

Leverage from 1:300; trading currency pairs EURGBP, EURUSD, GBPUSD; time frame - H1.

In settings indicate: basic lot = 0.01, Grid step H = 32 pips, Stop Loss = 220 pips, Lotmultiplier = 1.6.

Drawdown for opened orders in your basket: 1 order - $6, 5 orders - $92, 10orders - $1191, 15 orders - $13202, 20 orders - $84663. As you can see, trade on a standard account can be performed with $100000. It’s a lot of money. That’s why, we recommend opening a cent account, so you can start with $1000 (100000 cents).

As you can see, with a proper management you can earn 10% profit, i.e. $100 from the invested $1000. Whether it’s profitable or not, it’s up to you to decide.

The price of Forex Warrior is $287. You can buy it from us and get a 17% discount which is equal to $48. For this purpose, click on "Buy" and you'll be redirected to the payment page. Then send to the ID of your trading account which you want to use with the expert advisor, your email address, and the number of your payment order. You will receive from the manufacturer the information on activation and your client ID. To benefit from the discount offer, return to our website and enter the number of order in your profile. After verification we will transfer you the discounted amount. You will be able to cash out in any convenient way after a 30 day period (money back guarantee period).

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