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Kangaroo EA

This product is unavaliable at the moment.

The Kangaroo EA expert advisor was developed by TulipFX.Trading is available for the currency pairs: eur/usd and aud/usd with the use of conservative strategy, entering the market sometimes even just a few times a week.

The high cost of the Expert Adviser is justified by the fact that it uses 5 strategies at a time.Tests on live accounts showed positive results.Since 2010, there was only one negative month.Maximum drawdown made up 18%, with an average profit of 5% per month.

Kangaroo EA does not maintain any claims to the broker.There are 4 and 5-digit prices available.The amount of spread doesn't matter.

The package also includes a user manual in English.30-day money back guarantee is offered for this trading system.Kangaroo use on PAMM-accounts is forbidden.1 live and 1 demo account are included in the price.Updates are free, the monthly fee was abolished in July, 2011.

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